It's conspiracy theory inception!

According to Politico, Robert Kennedy may have believed that his brother, President John F. Kennedy was not assassinated by a lone gunman.

Instead, RFK- who himself was killed by an assassin's bullet- likey believed his brother's murder was orchestrated by in a conspiracy involving Cuba, the Mob and/or rogue agents of the CIA.

At least that's what RFK's son, also named Robert Kennedy, said.

Last year, the son and namesake of the late Attorney General Robert Kennedy revealed publicly that his father had considered the Warren Commission's final report, which largely ruled out the possibility of a conspiracy in the assassination of John F. Kennedy, to be a "shoddy piece of craftsmanship."


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The late-attorney general's son isn't the only one making that claim.

Historian Arthur Schlesinger Jr., a close friend of the Kennedy family, would disclose years later that he was told by Robert Kennedy in December 1963, a month after the president's murder, that the former attorney general worried that the assassin, Lee Harvey Oswald, was "part of a larger plot, whether organized by Castro or by gangsters." Schlesinger said that in 1966, two years after the Warren Commission report, Kennedy was still so suspicious about a conspiracy that he wondered aloud "how long he could continue to avoid comment on the report—it is evident that he believes it is was poor job."


The revelations come on the heels of the 50th anniversary of the final report of the Warren Commission, which was tasked with investigating JFK's death. The 800-plus page report determined that Harvey Lee Oswald acted alone, and has been fodder for conspiracy theorists ever since.

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